Go Away

Go Away Kidney Stone Go Away.

My last week has conisted of…..

Kidney stone



Strain Pee


Strain Pee

Feel 9.5 months pregnant

Strain Pee


Strain Pee

Strain Pee


Ya…you get the picture. I woke up last Tuesday with terrible pain followed by vomit and some of the most uncomfortable painful hours of my life. My pain medicine was delayed at the ER (after waiting 2+ hours to be seen) for fear I might be pregnant. Well…there is no scientific way I’m pregnant and at that point my nice friendly demeanor was all but gone.

At 6 that finally gave me pain meds that worked since the first round really didn’t do the trick. Then I went home and my mom was a camper, truly, and slept on my floor the rest of the week taking care of me. She left Sunday and sure enough…Monday was rough! But apparently it being rough means it’s coming out soon. Which would just be real swell. Considering I leave in a little over a week for Nashville and don’t want to be messing with it there.

I have no energy. I have the time to blog but no energy to.

I have some sweet post for this here little guy but first I must finish my last day of finals and get rid of this stone.

Go Away

3 thoughts on “Go Away

  1. You should know that women who have had babies say the kidney stone is worse–YOU ARE A TOUGH LADY to hang in there so long. Praying the straining pee is over soon.

  2. Deb says:

    Trying to see the bright side (and it isn’t easy) but I am so grateful this happened before Nashville. You have some wonderful friends and this momma is grateful of them! Hang in there. No, stone, I wasn’t talking to you. You need to move on and OUT!!!

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