Mr. Stone Goes to Nashville

Well, that’s what I was starting to believe.

My adventure with Mr. Kidney Stone was getting old. He was not a good travel companion. He was a pain, literally. He was not considerate or timely. And quite frankly I was over him.

I spent 10 days with Mr. Stone. Ten long days. It went kinda like this. Painful day, rest day, ok day, terrible day. That cycle continued for 10 days. Then last Monday Mr. Stone almost gave me hope. He moved toward my bladder. It hurt terrible as I felt like an elephant was standing on my bladder and I was literally walking to the bathroom every 2 minutes even though there was not pee left. So the Dr. checked to make sure that it was not blocking my pee which it wasn’t so in theory that would mean it was about to come out…but nope.

On Thursday I was supposed to move out of college. That morning I went to the Dr. where we all expressed our concern that Mr. Stone was not coming out and that my pain and discomfort were getting worse. So we discussed removing it. The problem with everything was I have a week until I need to be in Nashvegas and can’t afford to take Mr. Stone with me. When I told my Dr. this his mean countenance changed. We had prayed for a good visit and actually got one!

So we decided he needed some help coming out and were going to try to do the procedure back home but no one could even start the process of seeing me until next Thursday which was too late and meant another week with Mr. Stone. I was super nauseaus and frustrated and just laid on my bed while my sweet momma and roommate cleaned and packed up our room. Then my Springfield Dr. called back and his nurse said, “Dr. Johnson really wants to take care of Jody and get her ready for Nashville. We have a proposal for you. Can you be here tomorrow” So my Dr. who does not do surgeries on Fridays scheduled me in and somehow (they are not sure how but it was the praying) a room came available because they are never able to get surgery rooms on Fridays.

When the went to remove Mr. Stone they found some adhesions and scar tissue from my back surgeries. This is what was keeping Mr. Stone from coming out. So he had to inflate my U tube to have enough room to get Mr. Stone.

Everything went fine and tomorrow I can remove the stint which is the main source of discomfort (like getting kicked in the crotch w/ a steel toed boot). Once the stint is gone they think I will be smooth sailing and with another day of rest will feel great again. Hip Hip Hooray!

Ok. I have more to share but the pain meds have kicked in and my eyes are closing. πŸ™‚

Mr. Stone Goes to Nashville

4 thoughts on “Mr. Stone Goes to Nashville

  1. !! bless your heart!! what a mess this has been… but i think it just solidifies the fact that Nashville is EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be this summer. God must have some really fantastic things in store for you because Satan is working overtime to keep you frustrated & icky.

    Im so glad everything is working out & I hope you’re feeling back to 100% very very soon. praying for you, friend! miss you!

  2. Deb says:

    What a journey the last two weeks has been. How amazing the way God blazed a trail thru a grouchy-turned compassionate-doctor, available surgery rooms, church group, friends and family…you had some fantastic prayer coverage. He alone is worthy to receive the glory from this trial…He is ever faithful to His promises. Focus on the Promise-Giver and the promises will eventually be seen.

  3. I’ve been keeping up with Mr. Stone via Twitter and Facbook, and I do think that maybe he needs his own accounts on both. (God rest his soul).

    And, just as an FYI, it’s a “stent.” You’re having a short stint with a stent πŸ™‚

    1. seekingrecklessabandon says:

      Ahem…My stint with the stent is over πŸ™‚ The pain medicines confused my vowel usage. Good thing I have my own 6yearmed to keep track of my cognitive abilities πŸ™‚

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