When you enter into ministry it’s easy to have a “help them” attitude. It’s easy to see “them” as broken or needy or the ones who need help.

One thing I love about CSM is the fact that as we all minister together to the broken we realize that we too are broken. We all have a common ground in our sin and brokeness and then the best part is that we have a common ground in the freedom and grace that God offers us.

As much as this job is stretching me and pushing me, I love it. I love watching the kids that come through here grow. I love how God is breaking me and teaching me that that’s a great place to be is broken and on fire for Him.

The other night a few of us watched Francis Chan speak on being Lukewarm and Loving it. It was amazing and rocked our world. The concept of asking God to break us and take whatever He needs to for us to be completely on fire for Him is scary. It’s scary to say that we want our lives to honor Him even if it’s our death that brings him the most honor….not the most comforting thought but it’s so true and where we want to be.

Some of the challenges here are things I was not expecting. Others are just what I thought.

It’s gonna be good.


One thought on “Broken

  1. Deb says:

    May His strength, joy and peace be just what you need each day this week. And, a selfish prayer from this mom, may His GPS keep you from getting lost:)

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