3 Minutes

Every day I am faced with opportunities to learn. Nashville is a such a big city yet I see the same people two, three times a week depending on the schedule. This week I was reminded of an important lesson about loving on people…sometimes it only takes 3 minutes to make a difference.

I wish I had a picture of Frank to share with you. I met Frank last week at a ministry site called Isaiah 58. Isaiah 58 is an awesome ministry that loads up a feeding bus and drives to Dickerson Pike (which is infamous for its drugs, prostitution, and violence) and serves a hot meal to the homeless and transient community. It’s one of my favorite spots because our groups really get to focus on serving and building relationships with the guests who come over.

Last week I talked with Frank for about 3 minutes. We had the typically introduction conversation and then I had to go check on someone else. He is a quiet but very kind guy who loves books.

This Thursday I got to take my group to Isaiah 58 and Frank was there again. I went and said Hi to him and he responded “Jody? From Missouri? How are you”

He remembered me. And it made me stop and think of how little it takes to make an impact, positive or negative, in a person’s life.

In three minutes of conversation Frank and I began to build that relationship. He recognized me and I recognized him.

Christ called us to community and that community starts when we are willing to love on people and build relationship with everyone, even the least of these. These are the people who we are to invite to our banquets and dinners and get to know.

I’m thankful that Frank reminded me of that.

I’m thankful that God is moving in this city and opening doors for relationships to be built.

I’m thankful that in those 3 minutes last week Jesus was present.

And I am thankful that even though Frank does not believe in God, that God believes in Frank!

3 Minutes

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