Sometimes I find myself sitting among 30 six and seven year olds at a movie wondering how their teachers do it day in and day out.

Sometimes I find myself sitting in the shade with a homeless couple wondering how they continue to walk their 30 miles a day.

Sometimes I find myself listening to the same stories I heard the week before and wondering  if their minds ever clear.

Sometimes I am stopped by someone waiting in line to eat and silenced by their gratitude for our group being there.

Sometimes I get to watch as young adults and their leaders are stretched and molded.

Sometimes I get to see God light a fire within a generation that will have the opportunity and power to love and create change.

Sometimes I get to see love transform situations.

Sometimes I get to see love fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts.

Sometimes I find myself in continual praise for what God is doing.

Sometimes I find myself asking is He really big enough to love on all the brokens and heal the hurting and save the lost and feed the hungry and remember the silent.

And then I remember that He is good. That He is sovereign (a word that is taking on a whole new meaning to me this summer). I am reminded that He is creator and omniscient and in control.

Sometimes I just need to remember to rest in His glory and look for ways to glorify Him.

Sometimes I need Him to remember to just let Him be my all.

Sometimes I need to “8 Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”


3 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Deb says:

    It is a hard thing to know that it really is in His hands always and that we have to let the weight fall on His shoulders. He doesn’t want us to carry the burden but serve as He leads and trust the rest to Him. I think the verse you ended with says it well….then again, His Word does that:).

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