Picture Post

Just a little review of the summer…part one


All six of us at the beginning of the summer


Us girls (well minus heather and plus bree) getting our line dance face on


on our way to staff retreat = loveless cafe and canoeing


Prepping the hair for 80’s night Kristin’s b-day bash


real life.

And just a few randoms I have forgotten to share…..

*Homeless people compliment you and increase the ole self esteem

*Kids at the boys and girls club tear that right down

*We got in a hit and run the other day (everyone was fine and so was Kristin’s car but still a first for me)

*I really like food that is unhealthy like fried chicken fingers and fat moe burgers and spicy fries

*I have officially worn out a pair of tennis shoes

*With fully scheduled days for 3 months straight I feel a little lost now with nothing to do

*I’m terrible with goodbyes

*I had dreds for a few days. They may come back some day for real.

Picture Post

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