Blast from the Past

So I am in the process of trying to get everything off my old computer onto my new one. I have an eternal hard drive but it’s still proving to be a taxing task and I’m already “over it” I just want to play and work on my new computer with everything I need at my fingertips.

When transferring my pictures over, only half of them have chosen to jump onto my new screen with the “newest picture” being December 2008. So here are some oldies just for fun….


On our showchoir trip after our senior year of high school. He’s now playing college football. She is now married. And me…well my hair is longer


My freshman year of college we went to just about everything there was to go to, and apparently I wore really short shorts. Now I go to the things I am expected to be at and plan on enjoying my house this year and doing homework in my lazy boy 🙂


I had lots of school spirit


we cut all our hair off freshman year.

Ok that’s all for now folks

Blast from the Past

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