Another Adventure

This is a season of adventures. Meaning a few things….

1.) I am controlling less therefore allowing God to provide me some sweet opportunities.

2.) I am trying new things, which I don’t like doing, but I’m still trying.

3.) My life seems a bit crazy

4.) I am barely keeping up which forces me to more fully rely on God

5.) I am having a terrific time!

Tomorrow afternoon I head to Florida to meet up with Brandi and help her out with her 2nd annual girls retreat. I am really excited. I love teenagers and think there is so much they are missing out on these days. Stephanie and I talked today (while we were lost for an hour on our “walk around the neighborhood”) about how young girls just need to be told things that they are not hearing from other places. And I guess in a way that’s what this weekend is all about. They are gonna hear about Jesus being number 1 in everything, modesty, friends/fam/boys with cooties, and the way we spend our time. Brandi has planned some sweet stuff for them, the location alone was enough for me! The girls are gonna be brought some truth then have time to eat it up and digest it in their small groups, which I think is awesome! It keeps the weekend from being a spiritual high and allows their small group leaders to see what’s going on all weekend.

So this is the next adventure. I am as prepared as I’m gonna be at this point. I definitely wish I knew more and had memorized more and actually you know knew what the whooo I was doing but thankfully that’s where God comes in because He is gonna need to be all over this adventure, and He will be.

We would love it if you would pray for the girls this weekend that they would just be open and receptive to what God has in store for them. Be praying for Brandi who is feeling under the weather and me as I try to not say a word but let Jesus talk through me.

Off to print things off and pack 🙂 …… then to the BEACH

Another Adventure

One thought on “Another Adventure

  1. Lex says:

    Totally praying for you two and all the girls! That’s so rad that you get to go help Brandi out. And to think it all started with a blog comment. 😉

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