OO Baby Baby

Title holds no relevance or weight to this post, it was just the song in my head.

It’s my senior year. I’m off campus with 2 of my most amazing friends and another awesome friend who is with us until she gets marry warried in November. I love my roommates, the way we share and communicate, and their support.

I have been here a little less than a week but it feels like a lot longer than that. This year is packed full of stuff but it all feels just like that….stuff. I have a couple classes that I’m not a fan of in the slightest and some that are ok, and one that really excites me. It’s my health com class and reminds me of my summer and gives me the chance to share about the people I worked with and the impact they had on me.

So ya…there is your official class update, and now onto random happenings of this week.

I cooked three times this week and ate leftovers twice.

I realized yesterday I had stooped to a new low and level of “trashy” when I cut the sides of my work out shirt so it would stop riding up when I worked out. That shirt is getting thrown away tonight.

I have two dogs in our house and I’m nice to them and let them outside a lot, but if Jazz does not stop barking at every noise he hears I might have to cut his vocal cords out.

Yesterday at a meeting I pulled out my Jody voice, and I did not enjoy having to use it.

I have not upacked yet and our house still looks like a bachelor pad instead of a house with 4 girls living in it. Woops.

I have not done any homework yet. I read 4 pages of rhetoric and gave up.

Yup, that’s about all….just a whole lot of grown up boringness.


OO Baby Baby

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