On Blogging…

Why do I blog?

I have been asked this question a couple times lately.

So why do I blog? Because I want to be authentic. Because I want to process. Because I think blogs can be venues that Jesus works through. Because I want you to have a raw look at what Jesus is doing. Heather is getting ready to do this with a Compassion trip and I am jealous! I loved blogging through Nashville and sharing that with you guys and can’t wait to have another fun/challenging/hit you in the face trip to blog about.

I don’t proofread my blogs. This might drive some of you crazy. But for me that is part of the process of blogging. I want you to have the raw feelings I had after Nashville without me going back and worrying about commas and word choice. I’m not perfect. Neither are my stories, or my blog.

I blog not because I want friends who pat me on the back and say o what a terrific post but because I believe that by blogging people can be encouraged, challenged, and pushed beyond themselves. If you’re my friend and I see you and talk to you I can do these things. If you are a stranger and read my blog I get to have the same opportunities that I would have if we were face to face friends.

I blog because it’s fun. I recently got to meet Brandi and it was fun to go back through our blogs and laugh at how our friendship unfolded.

I blog because part of me loves to write but I don’t know enough to write a book yet.

I blog because it keeps my sweet friends and family up to date all at once.

But the real truth is………………..


I blog because I don’t want to do my homework.

On Blogging…

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