Kinda Quiet

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here lately. There is a lot going on in the head that I’m just not sure what to do with.

This last week I went and got my hairs cut and colored. In case you missed everything my hair has gone through this summer let’s review…..ponytail everyday, dreds, 80’s night, white trash bash. Needless to say, my hair was gross.

So, I went to get it cut one day then back two days later so she could make it look good. The lady who cuts my hair kinda reminds me of my Aunt Cre….a little crazy, lots of personality and they kinda talk the same.

Anyway, when I first met Cindy she was a little hard around the edges, loved to talk but was still trying to figure out what it meant to love Jesus.

When I got my hair cut right before Nashville she and I spent a long time talking about finding your passion/calling and serving there. She was really interested in what I was doing this summer and it was just kinda neat how that door opened.

So I went in to see her Saturday and she was so excited to see me and talk. She is now volunteering with the junior high at her church and spending time at the local youth homeless shelter every other week cutting hair. It was so encouraging to see how she had grown, to see her passion, and to share with her some stuff from this summer.

It is good to see God moving in people. Sometimes it’s easy to see things that are stagnant or on the wait list. But what is so great is that Jesus knows I needed to be encouraged that day. He knew I needed to see someone like Cindy growing in passion and obedience. I needed that encouragement and I needed that challenge. He knew I needed a lead on how to meet the homeless here and now I have one.

He knew that I needed a little pep before hearing something heavy going on in one of my girls’ lives right now. He knew I needed to see prayers being answered in loud audible measurable ways just so I knew to keep praying the silent unknown hidden prayers as well.

I hope you all have moments that encourage you to keep going. Obedience is not wasted, I am learning this over and over and over again!


O and I promise a kinda funny post soon…thanks for being patient with my slowness.

Kinda Quiet

2 thoughts on “Kinda Quiet

  1. Deb says:

    Grateful He gave you a glimpse of what He sees happening and that it encouraged you to keep on the path He is revealing to you. Love you!

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