Our Little Project

***I should be finishing a test right now but instead I am taking a “writing break” to write a blog…irony***


My sweet roommates and I live in our own little project. Our “townhouse complex” is built just like an urban project area. We have tons of little kids who play outside 12 hours a day. Everyone takes care of each other and the little kids don’t know a stranger. A lot of the residence here are on government subsidized housing and have much less than I did growing up.

I love living here! Two of the little guys, Brack and Brett, are twins and they have decided that they love us.


They also come to our front door and ring the bell or knock incessantly until we answer. Usually they just want to hang out for a little bit and “det sum of yer wader” or to see if we have any cookies.

So the other day the boys and i decided to make cookies. I should have been reading for my night class but this was far better than any article.

We made cookies and then they wanted to know if I could teach them school. So we played school for a little bit.

They are a regular little staple in our lives right now. Knowing the boys has allowed my roommates and I to get to talk to their mom and just encourage her. They also have an older sister who one of these days either Dana or I is taking to youth group…just have to keep asking until she says yes.

Honestly, this “project” has made living in this town so much more fun. It reminds me daily of the summer and how I have a little piece of it in my own backyard.

**We took roommate pictures the other day and the boys took them with us**



Brett is the dark headed one. He is smart and hilarious. He also likes to come check on me when he knows I’m doing homework “How’s your homework” “It’s good…you need something buddy?” “No just checking”

Brack is the blonde with lots of energy, ornery  and a terrible speech impediment. He wants to learn though and will repeat things to try to say them correctly.

Be praying for these boys. They move next month.

Our Little Project

4 thoughts on “Our Little Project

  1. 🙂 this was awesome. those kids are awesome and you guys are awesome for just allowing yourselves to let these boys in your home and just looking out for them. you guys are certainly a blessing to them for sure! oh and i agree with your mom 🙂

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