We all make them. Sometimes we make the right ones. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it’s clear what’s right or wrong. Sometimes it’s blurry. Sometimes we don’t listen. Sometimes we have to be quiet to hear One voice apart from the peanut gallery.


I am faced with them.

And I don’t know what to do.

I want to be a hermit for a week and find wisdom. I want to sit in the Prayer room all day waiting for guidance and truth.

But I can’t. I have to find the right choice and still function this week in school and work and supporting my youth kids and preparing for interviews and turning in projects and going to weddings. I want to take a time out but there is no such thing this time.

And to honest. I don’t know if there is a “right” answer to this choice. I think both could be right. I like them both and I hesitate about them both. I could do them both and do them well. I could fail miserably at them both. I could help people. I could leave people. I could learn. I could become stagnant. I could struggle. I could miss out. I could. I could. I could. I could.

I was reminded this weekend on multiple cases how much teenagers need positive, consistent adults in their lives. High school is way harder to “survive” then when I went. Home lives seem to be quickly disintegrating and youth carry with them a hurt that they don’t know how to release to Jesus.

Knowing this…complicates the choice. Both choices could “help” this. But from different angles. Both can lead me a greater goal. But from different angles. Both could challenge my skills set, and highlight some strengths. But both from different angles.

We all have choices. And while we make them for ourselves, the affects of our choices go way beyond our personal boundaries and lives. Sometimes all we can do is surrender….


4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. love you jo and I am praying for a quick, honest, and real direct answer for you…I would be arrogant to say that I know how you feel, so I will just say….I do not envy your position, nor the huge decision you have to make, just know that no matter what, I am proud of you and I will support you!!!

  2. Deb says:

    I’m thinking 1) you are blessed to have so many choices and more ahead and 2) if the decision was easy, you wouldn’t be leaning on Him as much for direction so 3) will be praying He does give final clarity in His perfect timing and lastly 4) that He is glorified through it all. Love you, beautiful daughter!

  3. I would have to say that the biggest thing you said in that whole piece was SURRENDER. That will be the determining factor in all of this…and I know you are really trying to surrender. And like your mom said she is praying for a ‘final clarity in His perfect timing’. That is what we all need to pray for, for you and ourselves. Thank you for being awesome through all of this and I know God is gonna something quite incredible with you and I’m excited where He is gonna lead you. I love ya and am behind you 100% wherever you go! 🙂

  4. I am totally praying for you tomorrow between 9 and 6! I even am setting up reminders for myself because that’s how I roll. Praying peace and that God’s will be done. Love you!

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