The Bridegroom and His Bride

over the last 5 weeks I have been to 3 weddings. All beautiful. All for people I love. All different. All coming back to the central focus of Jesus.

Now, let it be stated up front that while I love seeing weddings and the people I care about join in a public display of their love and devotion to each other, they mildly make me uncomfortable. I don’t know why. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. They are fun. I like beign a part of them. I do. Honestly.

Between these weddings and some stuff going in my life and at church (which is aboout to be my official job starting tomorrow) I have been thinking alot about the Bridegroom and His Bride.

Preparing for these three weddings was not an overnight event. It was not rushed (although it may have felt that way at times). The decorations were not thrown together blindly. Dresses and tuxes were not made of scraps. The food was filling. People were purposely invited to share in the festivities and people were lined up to help avoid confilicts and confusion. Bridal parties were chosen with care and the pastor was chosen with precision so they thoughts of the couple could be expressed through his words and the Scripture he read.

The brides spent months preparing the details. The groom spent months planning the next phase of their lives and preparing for that step when his bride becomes fully his and he becomes her family.

Days in advance the bride began preparing herself physically for that day. Hair had to be cut, colored, and perfectly placed so the veil could fit beautifully on her head. Her eyebrows were plucked, legs shaved and lotioned, makeup immaculate. With more care than ever before in her life, the bride beautifully prepared her entire being for her bridegroom.

And so it hit me like a groom who gets stood up by his bride that I have not done a good job lately preparing for the Bridegroom. My bridegroom who has already sacrificed His life and defeated my sins for me. My bridegroom is dligent and faithful to love me even when I forget to call or spend more time with everyone else but Him. He is constantly sending me love notes or reminders that He desires my heart when my days are busy and it’s easy to lose sight. He pursues me even when I’m difficult. The most faithful, loving groom a girl could ask for and I have done a terrible job lately being His bride.

I need to get back into the wedding planning. I have a great “bridal party” that is supportive and loving. The dress has been chosen but the details, the time spent studying and preparing is lacking. I don’t want to miss all the good details and beauty of seeing it all come together.

So I am going to slow down the next month and work on some wedding details.

What wedding detail needs more attention in your life?


ps. Stephanie this huge metaphor is dedicated to you 🙂

The Bridegroom and His Bride

3 thoughts on “The Bridegroom and His Bride

  1. Breanne says:

    This is beautiful! I think we go so wrapped up in the end result that we forget to see how incredible the details can be. I know I forget sometimes that the reason my relationship is lacking is because I am the one that is not taking the time to just sit and be in his presence. I get so busy with life that the one person that should get the most attention tends to get the least b/c I know he will be there no matter what happens! Thanks for the reminder! Love you and can’t wait to hear how your new job is going!! Good luck today! 🙂

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