9 You have ravished my heart,
My sister,
my spouse;
You have ravished my heart
With one
look of your eyes,
With one link of your necklace

This verse (from Song of Solomon 4:9) still gets my heart. Every time I read it I am reminded that His love for me is beyond what I can imagine and that for whatever reason He desires me.

He is completely ravished, captured by you and I! He knows us like only family can and yet he CHOOSES us to be His beloved. The fact that He would want anything to do with me at all is incredible and to know how much He sacrificed so that I could be free is more than any gift I could ask for.

He longs for us to quiet our lives long enough to glance at Him. To give Him part of what lies close to our heart and decorates our lives.

He deserves every glance I have. Someone who can love me so completely and selflessly deserves more than a glance. And yet so many times I look the other way when He tries to connect with me. I share my time and love like a starving prostitute, giving it to whomever is there and available, when the King of my Heart is loving me and captured by me waiting for His glance.

Wherever you are today, whether you are single or taken, married or never been kissed; whether you love the season you are in or you are desperate for an out, remember the love that He has for you. It is incomparable. It is complete. It is selfless. It is life saving. It bears freedom and grace. It will rock you to your core and shake your life up; love seems to do that. Remember that no matter where you are or who you are YOU ravish the Creator of all beautiful things. YOU capture His heart and He longs for time with you.

Let Him love on you this week. If you are happy, let that love overflow from your heart to those around you. If you are down, let Him love on your broken heart and then love on others. Don’t be a selfish lover. Tell every messed up, broken, completely happy, confused, hurt, blessed, misled person you know that they are RAVISHING.

and take some time to believe it for yourself


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