Since Last Time…

I thought I was done with homework and realized I wrote the paper for next week. (but now I’m a week ahead)

I did a whole project for nothing.

I had 3 projects/papers for my night class due.

I locked EVERYTHING in my car (included above projects)

I got my car unlocked just in time for night class.

I found out sad news about people I love.

I tried to cut some cheese (I was hungry) and the knife broke (thankfully only the handle cut me and not the actually blade)

I took a test and a quiz.

I dropped my phone in the toilet (thankfully it was “clean” and seems to work still)

I laughed it all off (with the exception of 1 bought of crying when I thought I would not make it to class on time)

At most points in my life I would have cried the whole time…slowly God is stretching me and I am growing.

So that’s what’s been up since last time…….and by last time I mean the last 3 days hahahahahahahha.

~Real post coming soon

Since Last Time…

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