In less than a month I will be a graduate of ole Missouri State. Which means…

1.) I will have a social life again

2.) I can read for fun

3.) I won’t have to drive back and forth from work to school twice a day which means my gas tank will go further.

4.) I will actually be able to go outside when the sun is out

5.) I will get killer lunches with my friends and co-workers 4 days a week instead of two

6.) I can cook b/c my life won’t be dictated by homework and night class

7.) I can sleep in an extra 20 min on Mon and Wed!

8.) I can actually do things on a Friday and Saturday, having a true day off from everything!

9.) The list goes on.

Needless to say I am excited! I have my huge senior project due on Monday and I am not that stressed about it. I have scheduled in about 8 more hours to work on it this weekend so hopefully that is enough time because that is really all the time I have for it :0)

I am so excited about the list above, especially having time to read. I have a whole list of books that I want to read or re-read but just have not gotten to. Right now I am reading Francis Chan’s second book “Forgotten God” SO GOOD! Reading it just makes me excited for my summer of reading bliss!

What’s one book you think I should read in the next 6 months?


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