Through different points in my life God takes on a certain role. It changes with my needs, the lessons He has for me to learn and the place I am in life. Sometimes,  He plays multiple roles. For a long time Jesus has been my Beloved, the one who is passionate for my soul and heart. At the same time He has been Compassion, Shepherd, Love, Father.

Right now though I am really seeing Him as Conqueror. I see how He has conquerored fears. He conquers insecurity. He conquers my sin. He conquers. And the more I sing about it, read about it and soak it in the more hope I have. Because there are some big things in my life that I am ready to see conquered and they are only things that He can accomplish. I am ready to see world’s shaken up, hearts molded and complacency broken by a conqueroring lover. He conquers because he is a loving, jealous God who is bigger than our crap. He is bigger than our self-theology and the lies we buy into. He is bigger than our bad attitudes and terrible examples.

He is bigger than the vision we have for ourselves.

So for now. He is my conqueror. Sometimes it sucks because I’m the one being conquered but other time He is taking care of business and reminding me of His faithfulness.

So I ask you….

How is Jesus playing a part in your life?


One thought on “Conqueror

  1. deb says:

    He is my Deliverer. This new understanding of what that means and to see it played out in people’s lives is so amazing. To see a person liberated from the bondage that prevented them from receiving all that God desires to pour into their life, that is Love in action.
    Above all, whether He is conquering or delivering, He is always healing, restoring, redeeming and breathing in new life. Praises!

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