Homework Narcosis

Homework Narcosis – the bodily experience when too much homework overtakes one’s body in a given period of time forcing them to act silly, practice seal noise and gain a headache.

The days of Homework Narcosis are almost over! Now if I can make it through my SCUBA final without suffering from nitrogen narcosis I will be narcosis free in a just a few short days. And that my friends….makes me really happy! And I need something to be happy about šŸ™‚ we all do. But lately I have found myself in a place where I have to intentionally choose to find joy in life. It’s a good growth opportunity for me.

Can’t wait to be narcosis free šŸ™‚

Homework Narcosis

2 thoughts on “Homework Narcosis

  1. deb says:

    hey, is that vehicle your graduation present? you’ll look good going to that fancy church you work for. suppose your seal noise is useful in place of a horn. you know what? you are so close to being done with college stuff, it makes me wonder where the years have gone. i know these last 6 months have been hard and maybe long but when i look at the last 22 years, my eyes tear and my heart swells…such an amazing future lies before you. He delights in giving you the desires of your heart and I will greatly delight in watching it all unfold in His time and purpose. Love you! Mom

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