Deny Him Nothing

Momma T said it best when she “got it”

“I will deny Him nothing.”

This was just one part of her 3 part vow to God and it is rocking my soul.

So, as I am working through how to get less of me and more of Jesus in my life everyday I am looking at the things I deny Him.

Sometimes it seems so simple. How could be missing it? How did it get to this point? Where did I get distracted?

So, let’s be vulnerable for minute.

What do you deny Him?

Me? I deny him complete control of my future. At moments I do and those are good moments. But more often than not I still find myself trying to hold on to the reigns and control it.

Where could He take me if I truly denied Him nothing?

Where could He take you?

Deny Him Nothing

One thought on “Deny Him Nothing

  1. deb says:

    Wrapped up in one sentence: I’ve denied my Sovereign God HIS sovereignty.
    Feels liberating when I’m walking w/o holding the reigns yet soooo easy to reach back for them when there’s a bump in the road.

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