Sweet Reminders

Yesterday I hit my “empty point.” Not my breaking point just my empty point. The last couple of weeks have depleted me and yesterday I went home on E. I called my parents, cried, talked to Jesus, cried, tried to get some stuff done, cried. You get the point.

Anyway, last week my friend Jenna gave me a CD because the songs were perfect for what I was shouldering, perfect for Florida, perfect for my heart. And she didn’t know it at the but there is a song on there about my favorite section of Scripture. So yesterday, as I sat at my computer crying trying to think of how to teach teenagers to deny God nothing, the song played.

“This God, who is holy. Perfect in beauty. Awesome in glory is ravished by my heart. Though I’m poor you say I am lovely. Though I’m dark you say I am beautiful. Though I’m poor you say I am lovely though I’m dark you say I’m beautiful. Somehow my weak glance has overwhelmed you. Somehow my weak love it has stolen away your heart.”

And it was a sweet reminder that I am not alone.

I am what He desires and one glance, whether out of desperation, intention or exhaustion moves His heart. When I deny Him nothing, I am complete.

So, after two weeks that put the icing the cake and depleted me, I am reminded that even when I “fail” or “miss it” or “am not enough” or am “far away” or hurting for others, that the God who is captured by me is also captured by my girls, leaders, co-workers and friends.

And He is ravished by you. Rest.

Sweet Reminders

3 thoughts on “Sweet Reminders

  1. deb says:

    great post, would love to hear the song too, and duly noted that the last word of your post was REST…did your hear what you said? REST love, mom

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