Welcome to the Neighborhood

When our new roomie April moved in Jess greeted her with a good ‘ole “Welcome to the neighborhood….emphasis on hood.” and it could not be more true!

This morning. I was OVER our neighbor….HOOD.

…..I woke up to rain pouring through my CLOSED windows. You see, when you live in the hood it’s possible your windows won’t seal really tight and that if the rain falls at just the right angle it will pool up and overflow onto your window sill and onto your carpet and onto your desk all over everything 🙂

Now I know that I am blessed to have this thing about not putting my stuff “back in its spot” Because you see if I had put my computer back in its “spot” I would have woken up the sound of my Mac drowning in an 1/8″ of water.

So Mom, I’m sorry but I just don’t think this “habit” will ever get better now!

Welcome to the Neighborhood

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. deb says:

    I’m ready for you to live somewhere besides the HOOD, have good locking doors, a clean place to life, windows that seal AND a new habit of putting things away. But then I’m reminded you 1) are an adult who can make those decisions/changes for yourself and 2) you don’t live at home so your habits are yours to live with but finally 3) I miss you.

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