As I Learn

As I learn more about myself I continue to see how much I need Jesus.

How much I need his grace.

How much I thrive off His love.

How much I hope because of His sacrifice.

How much I desire to mirror His character.

How much I long to connect others to His forgiveness.


Where are you at? What are you learning?

I’m learning that while I need more of Him I have to seek that out actively. I can’t sit around and wait for it. I have to serve beyond what I think I’m capable of. I have to love beyond what I can provide. I have to forgive when it hurts the most. I have to trust that God is bigger than any fear, insecurity, situation and choice that I face.

I am having to push through a creative block that’s been in my way for months.

I am choosing to deal through emotional baggage I have stowed away.

I am learning….slowly.


As I Learn

One thought on “As I Learn

  1. deb says:

    Learning involves immersion into new revelation(s), discarding baggage and bondage, ‘choosing’ sometimes before ‘feeling’ and a lot of sitting still and leaning into His embrace to simply hear His heartbeat.
    Your momma loves you and is praying for your ‘learning’. Hug!

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