“I have been praying for more patience and to be more selfless”

E’s not even 16 yet she teaches me. Yesterday we spent hours sharing a table at a local restaurant and caught up on each other’s life. It had been weeks since I had spent real, quality time with her and she was full of updates. The first update she had for me was what she and Jesus were working on – “I have been praying for more patience and to be more selfless”

SERIOUSLY?! what  teenage girl says that on their own accord?

It’s amazing to hear E speak about people. Her passion and desire for people to be loved is exquisite. 90% of sticky situations she gets into are because she cares about people to the point that she frequently sacrifices herself and comfort to make sure others experience love. Which is great, most of the time. And it’s a lesson we are learning together.

E is such an encouragement to me without even knowing it. Because each time we sit down and talk she is teaching me.

She’s not perfect. She’s almost 16 :0) but she is well on her way to a beautiful life.

And I am so very thankful that I get the chance to learn from her.

Who teaches you?


3 thoughts on “Schooled

  1. What is interesting about you mentioning this is that my 16 year old sister teaches me the same lessons. Do not tell her i told you that, but she teaches me about struggle, about patience, and about passion.

    Maybe more people should be paying attention to teenagers.

    1. Jody Glazner says:

      Secret is safe with me 🙂
      There is wisdom in that time period where innocence meets the world head on. Learning so much from Em and my other girls

  2. Lex says:

    My girls do that to me too. They’re amazing.

    One of them texted me just the other night because she was talking to a friend who has a history with cutting, and was on the verge of doing it again. She asked for advise and I told her what I’ve read – ’cause it’s all I know. I told her to love her no matter what, be there no matter what – basically telling her that the girl was probably going to cut herself this time, but we can work and pray on getting her free in the near future.

    She texted me back an hour later. “She’s not cutting anymore.”

    Where’s MY faith to believe for bigger things? 🙂

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