Charles Kid Stone

The other night I felt like I was giving birth – I’m only going by what I’m told. I have never experienced the pain of childbirth in real life.

All I know is it was totally unfair! My lifelong friend Rachael was in actual birth while I was in kidney stone birth. She got a 7.7 pound tiny human who is beautiful. I got Charles Kid Stone, in 3 pieces, approximately 3 mm.


I’m not good at resting. I’m not good at saying no. I’m not good at putting on hospital gowns. I’m not good at straining my pee. I’m not good at letting go.

But that’s exactly what I did on Tuesday. I threw in the towel, put on the hospital gown, strained my pee, rested, said no and laid on the couch.

I could have done all this better. I still have lots of improvement to make but I took Tuesday as my reminder to slow down and let God call some shots. Too often I get caught up in the rhythm of being busy that I stop resting and just listening. I start calling my own shots and things get messy.

So as much as I do NOT enjoy giving birth to anything with kid and stone in the name, I enjoyed the time with my momma, the time to rest and the painful reminder that I’m not in control……and the fact that little Charlotte Lynn is gorgeous and here!

Charles Kid Stone

2 thoughts on “Charles Kid Stone

  1. I’ve heard several women say that passing a kidney stone was worse than their child birth experiences. Wonder if it’s because you don’t end up with the glorious child….cause having you munchkins around fills us with enough love we probably don’t really remember what the pain of your birth was like. How wondrous that your momma lives close enough to pop in and take care of her love.

    1. Jody Glazner says:

      She really is a great momma! She was so good at taking care of me, letting me work and then loving on me in lots of ways! She cooked, cleaned, did my laundry, just sat in the room with me. SHE’S THE BEST!

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