I honestly, hands out no holding out on you have some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. They are patient with me, caring, supportive. They are my cheerleaders, my accountability, my laughter, my encouragement, my community.

While I absolutely love my married, with children, engaged, dating friends I will have to save my ode to them for a later post. Mainly because I know they have someone that will buy into America’s holiday and wish them a good ole “I love you.”

But to my single friends, to my confidantes, to my posse, thank you for being a community of girls who love the Lord and remind me to pursue Him through all things.


Jessica – thank you for being the best roomie and friend I could ask for. Thank you for loving me through the dumbest season of my life. Thank you for being an amazing example of what it means to pursue God’s plan for your life when you have absolutely no idea what that means. Thank you for being vulnerable as you step back and let God move and control your life. Seeing you journey through the past few months has encouraged me. It has pushed me to read and study God’s promises. You are beautiful and I can’t wait for the time 5 days, weeks, months or years from now when we look back and can see how God was working through all of this. Someday you will partner with excellence with a faithful man to love on kids or adults or dolphins – wherever God leads you (ok maybe not the dolphin part). I’m excited for you and so thankful for your daily place in my life.


Jenn – thanks for moving to California. As hard as it was/is to have you half-way across America, it keeps me from getting too settled in one place. Talking to you every week keeps me honest with what’s going on. You know my “tricks” and you don’t take them. You encourage me every time we talk to pursue my dreams and take risks – your move to CA is a constant reminder of that. Thank you for knowing my love language of Dr. Pepper but also holding me accountable to goals we set for ourselves a long time ago. You have the heart of a servant – and you serve joyfully. I can’t tell you how much that has challenged me over the last 2 years!

Stephanie – Lifelong. Thank you for the years of timely cards, friendship through sicknesses, successes, failures, closed doors and open windows. Thank you for being persistent in letting God’s timing be his timing while waiting for your internship. I need that reminder that I’m not in control and you have provided a lovely, balanced view of what it looks like to give and take. You get me, my weird ways/voices and know just how to give the right hug!

Brandi – Thank you for always having the right words and timing to rejuvenate my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to speak and grow as a person – for trusting me to come down to FL without meeting me and letting me hang out with your students. From the beginning you have believed in me and it has encouraged me to the core numerous times. Thank you for being real and making me be real with you, for asking hard questions and expecting real answers. Thank you for only singing Miley Cyrus Karaoke at me 1x on Skype Β – more than that and I would have deleted you from my life πŸ™‚ j/k. Seriously though – thank you for pushing me to serve with abandon. Your friendship is precious to me!


These ladies are community for me. I have community at work, in my church and with friends but they know the core of my heart. They get who I am, who I want to be and what I struggle with. They balance each other without knowing each other. As Jenn pushes me to pursue my dreams, Brandi reminds me of my purpose to serve in the here and now while Jessica finds ways to encourage me every day. Each of my friendships with these ladies is unique, formed in different ways but all very special to me.

So thank you ladies for being a blessing in my life.

I am blessed by the community of these ladies – and many more.


And just to show you how much I love and appreciate you I’m going to gift you with these parting words…….


Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Community

  1. deb says:

    Beautiful tribute to some beautiful Godly women. You are blessed to have them in your community and I’d venture to say they are blessed by you too. As a momma, I can speak for the other mommas, we are proud of our daughters and love each of you dearly. What a joy (and sometimes it’s hard too) to watch you grow in Him and who He created you to be. Onward, sisters, onward to His destiny for you:).

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