An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad

Mamosa and Daddy,

I am quite certain Dana, Brian, Ross and I do a sub-par job of saying thank you. It is nearly impossible for us to verbally thank you for all of the things you do for us – the errands you run, the favors you do, the wisdom you bestow, the love you freely give, the passion you exude, the faithfulness you model, the authenticity you live life through and more.

But I want to take a moment and publicly thank you. I don’t do it publicly to win more points as your favorite (because I already know I am) or to embarrass you (although I secretly hope mom cries) but because I want you to know that I value and love you in a big way. I want parents who read my blog to know the impact they have on their children’s lives (because I’m sure us Glazner kids are not the only ones who under thank their parents). I want people to know how things that happened years ago have an impact decades later. I want people to be encouraged that no matter what kind of family they grew up in – they have an opportunity to grow and mold people the same way you two did for the 3 of us + Brian + a whole slew of other kids you always took under your wing.

This week we continue a series at North Point called “All In”. It’s all about financial freedom, applying Biblical principles to our lives and the impact our money can make on other people.

Last week I sat in my spot on the front row, right side so thankful for a particular lesson you taught us: To tithe, to give, to save, to think about spending.

I remember having a piggy bank with 3 sections. 1 was the church. 1 was the bank. 1 was the store. I’m almost positive if you look in my closet on the shelf you will find my piggy bank with money still in it 🙂 Maybe it was easier for you to instill these habits and faithfulness in us because Daddy worked at a bank. I think you both just saw the importance in teaching your kids how to honor God with our money, how to recognize the necessity of saving, how to weigh a want vs a need and how to manage our money.

I can not tell you how excited it makes me to give you 2 credit when people ask me money questions. I know I still don’t make the wisest decisions. I still go to Sonic 1 too many times a month, or week or day :-). I still forget to move money from checking to savings sometimes. I still don’t balance my checkbook which I know frustrates you both and you taught me better. But at the end of the day I know that I don’t have to fear my next rent check, the next round of doctor’s bills or tell my friend they have to buy their own meal.

It’s not because I’m rich. It’s not because I’m better than the person next to me. It’s because you taught me to faithfully give God his money back and then to give sacrificially to others around me. I remember when I was little I loved reading all the support letters missionaries and organizations sent us. It was not until I was older that I understood that it meant you guys were financially supporting people all over the world.

So thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me financial wisdom, for walking me through problems when I don’t know what to do, for being good examples of what you expected from us and for helping me prepare for the future (and providing when my preparation fails).

I am so thankful for you sacrifice. Thank you for keeping the trophy business when you were ready to sell. Thank you for investing in a business that provided my car and education for Dana and Ross. Thank you for the vacation you sacrificed, the cars you waited on, the home improvements you delayed so you could provide for us while honoring Christ.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad

  1. deb says:

    Dearest daughter,
    There are certainly special lessons we learned from each of you children. For you it was simply that you can’t out give God. When you were paid for a babysitting job, you were more likely to give it all away to the church or someone in need than to buy yourself something. And within a short period of time, you were either given a gift or an opportunity to earn more money. And sometimes money just showed up for you anonymously.
    All of this is great practice in being obedient in our finances. But the giving that flows from your heart is a pure example of God’s gift of love.
    Thank you for expressing your appreciation and love publicly. You do a good job of it personally as well. We love you!

    1. Dad says:

      Thank you,your welcome. Being a good steward includes everything we have and do, money, love, relationships, time, energy. It all comes from God and I’m pleased and I know God is pleased with how you share all these gifts with Him and those around you. Investments made through God’s wisdom always pay big dividends for the Kingdom, even though some investments take a long time to bear fruit.

  2. Dad says:

    By investments I mean relationships,money, love,time, energy. Money is not the most important tithe or investment. Jesus tells us it is Love.

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