Thoughts on…Being Single

I’m going to attempt a blog series. Before you laugh you need to know that I have LOTS of grace for myself when it comes to blogging – meaning, if I don’t finish this series I will forgive myself and you should follow suit.

For the next month I will attempt to blog every Sunday night/Monday day my Thoughts about…..something.

So today…..we shall begin with:

Thoughts on….Being Single

  • it’s awesome
  • I don’t have to share my fro yo bowl with anyone else
  • I don’t have to sync my social or life calendar up with anyone else’s
  • I’m not distracted from the ministry role God has me fulfilling
  • I know that for every holiday, birthday and special event I will either be at work or with my family
  • Although a few of my HS girls call me a nun – I get to share some valuable life experience with girls and encourage their patience – which they believe b/c I am not miserable
  • I get to have fun laughing and dreaming w/ my best friends of all the guys I could marry one day if God changes things
  • I get to spend my evenings pouring into people who I have an opportunity to touch b/c I don’t have to cultivate a relationship right now
  • I get to seriously focus, without boy distraction, on Jesus’ love and desire for relationship with me
  • I get to go to the beach for vaca and only care a little bit about the travesty that will be me on the beach 😉
  • I get to have guy friends that help me refine “Jody Code” and keep my standard high
  • I am content serving, hands on, where I am. I get the opportunity to do that as a single girl in ministry.

I’m not against relationships – plenty of my friends are happily in them. My parents and sister are great examples of godly relationships. I firmly believe in them. But I don’t see them as an end-all goal. If that’s where God takes me – to a place where I need to have and to be a help mate to make a greater difference then wahooo – and if not then wahooooo. 🙂

Thoughts on…Being Single

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on…Being Single

  1. ok fine. I read it. And I love you. 🙂

    could you just gimme your eyes for just one second? cause I’m not who I was, and I will follow you.

    (yup. I can only think of 3 songs. I’ll work on that before the wedding.)

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