Thoughts on…..Working Out

Do you work out? If so – what’s your regimen? No, really, I want to know.

  • Working out is humbling – b/c I stink at it right now.
  • When I work out I sound/look/resemble/feel like I’m 80
  • I like working out – I like sweating as long as
    • It doesn’t touch/pool up by my armpits
    • It’s because I’m working and making progress not just b/c it’s hot outside
    • The air isn’t stagnant
    • I have deodorant and spray in my bag
  • I would rather work out both inside and out then just one
  • I like to work out with a trainer or buddy – otherwise I quit as soon as I feel 80
  • I don’t see results very fast – but my buddy always does
  • Did I mention that working out is humbling?
  • I think up-downs were what the first person who cusses was doing when they came up with 4 letter words.
  • I have realized how pale I am – like hello I need some sun so I stop blinding truck drivers when we are jumping outside
  • I feel better when I work out
  • Someone bought me a running belt – now I feel obligated to run – I have yet to put action to that obligation
  • It’s something selfish that I do – working out is my time, for me, and…I actually like having that time for myself.
  • It alone is not enough for results
  • It gives me lots of ammo for cheesy metaphors and lovely parallels to other aspects of my life
Example: working out is not enough to see full weight loss/image goals. You have to eat correctly too. PARALLEL – going to church is not enough to see Spiritual growth/see goals met. You have to serve, join a connect group, own it to see that full potential pan out.
I know this post/series is riveting. Just wait until next week – I really am excited about that post. But for now let’s hear your fitness strategies.
Thoughts on…..Working Out

One thought on “Thoughts on…..Working Out

  1. Yoga and a good jog/walk outside. You could run 1min/walk 5 mins and just gradually work your way up. If you’re planning on eating healthy too, yoga targets every muscle and organ of the body. Really. And it’s all about taking it at a pace you can handle; maybe start with Hatha yoga to get the breathing down then move to Vinyasa. Ashtanga yoga would definitely make the pits sweat, ha. So perhaps not that one. But a combo of running/walking and yoga is where it’s at. And it’s the perfect time of year for a good stroll outside!!

    I know, yoga classes cost money. But 20 years from now (and even today), you will know without a doubt it was a worthwhile investment. It’s not sketchy here in the Western world where there’s not so much emphasis on Eastern religious philosophy.

    And we in ministry have all the MORE to sort through on a daily basis…When our bodies ache, they’re screaming at us to pay attention to something in life we’ve neglected. And every emotion has physical deposits on our bodies too. So…it’s all across the board. And I know you’ve seen/been through a lot in life 🙂

    P.S. It’s really not selfish, as selfish as it may feel.

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