Meet a Need

Mom please skip the next line 🙂

Today I woke up at 6:30am. I went to bed at 3am. So I laid there ready to go back to sleep, talking to the ole J-man about a few things – when a good ole CSM phrase bombarded my thoughts

Meet a Need.

When was the last time I intentionally met the need of someone else. Not just loving on my friends or buying groceries so my roommates and I can eat. Not just seeing someone hungry and deciding to take her to IHOP. Those things are all great – but why isn’t it my everyday?

My everyday is spent around me. My schedule, my list, my obligations, my job, my workout, my food, me, my, mine. I get that right now my life and schedule is different than when I was in Nashville but at the core of who I am, who we are as Christ followers there is a responsibility and love for others.

One of my favorite parts of CSM was when we taught our groups to meet a need for someone – that excursion brought back some of the best stories, the greatest moments of life change for our groups. It becomes real when we stop our schedules and take 5 min, 20 min or an hour to meet the need of someone else. No longer are “they” just people on the side of the road or downtown they are people with a story and face – and needs. Just like you. Just like me.

A need could be conversation, food, clothing, a poncho, a cup of coffee, a smile, really anything.

For me – meeting the needs of others is an important part of who I want to be. So, since I’m all into challenging myself on this blog – here’s my next challenge.

*To intentionally meet a need for at least 1 person a week.

With purpose.

With passion.

With love.

Join me?

Meet a Need

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