The Start of Great Vaca

My out of office reply is ON

My phone is set to NOT receive emails

My bag is “packed”

And I’m ready to head out on a jet plane to see some lovely friends in LA, soak up the sun and have a relaxing time.

Today was a crazy, typical pre-vaca day. Lots of last minute details that I forget I even do/need to get covered b/c it’s become habit to just do it. Lots of emails, texts, notes for people thanking them for covering and reminding them that I’m gone.

And honestly – the last part of the night was a little bit stressful. Our amazing specialists were helping me tear down the building but it was late. I needed to be on the road. I still had loose ends to tie up. I had to say goodbye to our kick butt media guy who is moving to Colorado. It was sad. You know I teared. I kept finding things that “weren’t done” or needed fixed.

By the time I left I had a headache, was anxious to be on the road and thirsty. So I went to the gas station on my way out of town and had a chance to start my vaca off right.

By meeting a need.

Their names were Clutter and Mareeza. They had a dog who was nice but I was scared of it – hahaha. Meeting their need took 5 mins out of my schedule. It was minimal sacrifice on my part – but getting to talk to them for a few minutes, encourage them and meet a need filled my heart. And I know the fact that someone cared, even more than the value of what I gave them, was important to them. They were tired and young. Too young to be traveling and living the streets (I say that like at some age it’s ok – and it’s not).

Stopping to share a few moments with them gives perspective. It helps me put into place what is priority right now and what’s not. For me – I love people. I want to love on them and help them and encourage them. But to do that well – I need this vacation. I need to fill up my cup. I need to rest and be in an unknown place with quiet and friends and Jesus. Me resting and rejuvenating is my main goal the next few days.

Stopping to see what need I could meet was important for them and me.   So glad to start vaca off right! Now bring on the beach and Dr. Pepper!

Get out there and meet a need – love on someone!

The Start of Great Vaca

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