Reality of Fear

I fear the reality of failing – the people I will let down – the kids who won’t come back – the leaders who won’t reach potential – the aftermath that failure can bring.

But the true reality is that fear will cause me to fail in ways that actually hurt people. It will curb creativity. It will stifle communication. It will wound relationships. It will eliminate risk and opportunity.

I need to fail.

I want to fail.



Reaching people.

Communicating hope to students.

Developing leaders.

Discipling students.

Expanding my comfort zone.

I don’t want the reality of fear to keep me from failing.

Reality of Fear

One thought on “Reality of Fear

  1. Failure is difficult to accept, but necessary for growth. Sometimes I think it’s all our perception of our actions whether we truly “fail” or merely succeed at something outside of our original intentions. Oo that’s good–definitely twitter status worthy. 🙂

    On a side note–how did you get that nifty (taking it back to the old school) banner with your personal pictures and whatnot on your site?

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