I’m mad

Those 2 words basically describe my week.

I’ve been mad.

At myself.

On my behalf.

At them.

Because I’m upset at them.

For them.

Towards the lies.

Because people are believing the lies.


I’ve been mad. And it’s ugly.

Giving it up because I CAN NOT DO IT! I can’t be mad for you. I can’t be mad at you. So I’m letting it go and will find it in the depths of my person to be grateful. To love. To invest. To get rid of the ugly

I’m mad

One thought on “I’m mad

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh friend… praying for you. I sent my mom a text this morning that said I was stomping my feet because I’ve been mad about some things. I highly recommend the stomping feet approach, even if just for a moment. I’m with you… choosing to be thankful.

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