Broken to Beauty

For the last 3 years Brandi has given me the amazing opportunity to come to Florida, play on the beach and spend 4 sessions pouring into her girls. I’m blessed to have her as a friend and encouragement in my life.

But seriously. Every time. Every year.

The topics hit home for me. Even if in the beginning of planning and thinking through the talks they seem simple, once I sit down to actually put them together it’s like the Lord says “let’s go toe to toe with your heart first”

Oh glory.

Honestly I know that when I speak from my life and heart I connect better with people, push deeper into topics and have to rely WAY more on God. Therefore – toe to toe while preparing = more God/less Jody during talk = way better experience for girls.

This year we are talking about the journey in our hearts when we go from broken to beauty. I’m floored by the moments in my girls’ lives that control who they are, the broken pieces they accept as normal…..and then I am faced with the reality that I too have so many pieces of broken within my own life. I’m thankful for the ones that God has healed, used to mold me and make me new.

Praying that as He continues to move me from broken to beauty I would be able to convey His love, mercy and plan to each of the girls next week. Go ahead and add Girl’s Retreat to your list of prayer this week – would ya? 🙂

Broken to Beauty

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