Emotional Modesty

I posed the question on facebook but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on…..

Emotional Modesty.


You know — like dress modesty only with your emotions, words, heart strings.

Think – Middle School girl + life = need for emotional modesty.


This weekend my girls and I will be discussing this topic during our middle school services but I would love to hear your opinions and wisdom before I reveal mine 🙂 My talk is “done” but I’m always interested to make sure I don’t miss something they could really benefit from!



Emotional Modesty

One thought on “Emotional Modesty

  1. deb says:

    There is caution in being so emotionally transparent and dramatic that it becomes a betrayal of your family and friends. I’d say the necessary ingredient from preventing too much exposure would be “grace”. And maybe this age would understand the need for adding “patience” to their grace while God works in all of the drama going on around her.

    Also, a one-man play doesn’t last as long as one with multiple characters so stay off the stage if it isn’t your story line.

    Galatians 5, Fruits of the Spirit, goes a long way on this topic.

    Hey, I love you and I don’t mind being TOTALLY EMOTIONALLY EXPOSED in saying so!!

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