This weekend I got to watch my high school team play in a softball tournament. The best part was a sweet girl I babysit back when she was a tiny 6 months old is now a freshman and playing varsity softball – needless to say, I’m proud of her.

And even though she played well, ran the bases without fear, made me laugh and hold my breathe, I am most proud of something she did after the tournament was over.

She was tender. She was broken. She was compassionate.

Back story

Friday night at the hotel the girls were staying at – there was a shooting. As info is gather and stories coming together the girl who was shot was believed to be a prostitute.

The bullet took her life.

When Jodie told Abbey about the girl being a prostitute and dying Abbey made me cry. She made me proud.

Her response was not one of mockery.

Her response was not one of judgement.

Her response was not one of hate.

She was tender.

She was broken.

She was compassionate.

Jodie texted me “Abbey is totally devastated and crying. She said, “She doesn’t think anyone loved her & if they did, she didn’t know it””

Her mom and I then went on to talk about Abbey’s compassionate heart for people (and animals). Since she was little she has been the girl who could laugh, be loud, be crazy – but she cared deeply about people. She has the heart and strength to be a modern day Momma T – but she will probably want to save all the kitties and puppies alongside the people – or find someway that people heal through having a saved animal as a pet.

Either way – tonight I was reminded how important tenderness is.

Tender towards others.

Tender towards situations.

Tender towards life.

So very proud of the young lady this girl is growing up to be!

She’s the cute little bald one šŸ™‚ Loving on my class’ guinea pig I got to bring home for the weekend.

and…apparently the only normal faced picture she and I have taken in the last 2 years.


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