Pizza Laughs and Happy Hour

I can’t have pizza right now. Or Dr. Pepper. So keep that in your back pocket.

I love being single.

But the other night I had this dream.

I was meeting my date…………….



Chuck E Cheese (romantic eh)

He met me with a DP in hand.

He wanted to play Skee Ball.

I wanted to eat an entire Supreme Pizza.

So he let me eat the pizza. Then we played Skee Ball.



Then I woke up in a panic that somehow that day I had accidentally drank a DP. Whew…nope….just dreaming.




And…you’re welcome for wasting 2 min of your life 😉

Pizza Laughs and Happy Hour

One thought on “Pizza Laughs and Happy Hour

  1. deb says:

    Are you waiting for Jude to grow up? Pretty sure he would bring you a DP, let you eat the Supreme Pizza and def ‘flay’ at Chuckie Cheese!!! What’s 18 years difference in age when it is true love!

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