Around the Kitchen Table

Tonight was a blessing. Coming off a crazy couple weeks that followed a month of chaotic peace in my life (to be discussed later) and a 20 hour vomit bug – I needed a night like tonight.



Home cooked meal.


No pressure.

Just being.

We have some awesome friends who helped us move a few weeks ago so to thank them we cooked them a full, delicious meal. It was by far the most daring and wife skill intensive meal I have ever prepared (I mean there were home made oreos). To be honest, I was more than nervous. All things I have never made before and new recipes. Anything beyond chicken and pasta has the potential to be poison in my kitchen.

But it all timed out perfectly, the crescent rolls were perfectly brown, the oreos edible and the laughter, a necessity.

Never have I laughed so much around a Scrabble board. And can I just throw it out there that I love that I have friends that will play Scrabble (or scramble as I call it) with me and listen to great music at the same time.

It truly was a great reminder to me that it’s ok to slow down, cook like your momma taught you and enjoy an evening around the kitchen table. Our entire evening was spent there. Except for the 15 min facebook hacking incident.

So very thankful I had a family that spent time together around the table and that I have friends who can share that space and build those memories with me now.

Make sure this Thanksgiving you slow down enough to make some memories with the people around you. Whether they are new faces or old memories – make the time you have with them count. Sit down around the kitchen table.

Around the Kitchen Table

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