Leading and Loving Community

I’m so blessed to have community both locally with friends and the people I ministry with in Springfield AS WELL AS finding community with some awesome new friends.

Friends from all across America. (and 2 that split their time in Kenya)

Friends that are all single (and 1 newlywed).

Friends that are all involved in ministry. Some with students. Some with women. Some with college. Some volunteer staff. Some full-time staff.

It’s a beautiful friendship that we have developed. We are able to have honest conversation. Share laughter that almost makes you pee your pants. Share hurts that cut to the core. Share wisdom that someone wiser than us has passed along at some point. Share prayers that continue past our scheduled meeting times. Share passions, dreams and situations that can’t be shared locally.

I love my virtual community group. And here is my shameless plug 🙂

For all my ladies in ministry 0r those married to men in ministry…get plugged in over at Leading and Loving It. New groups start at the beginning of the year. Consider which group you could join – or if there isn’t one that fits what you need, start one.

It’s the easiest group I have ever led/been a part of and it’s fabulous! I look forward to my hour. The girls in our virtual community group have truly become tight-knit and true friends…..girls meeting up for coffee when they are within hours of each other, people taking vacation to go meet VCG members, the dream to go on a VCG mission trip together to love on babies. Cool things are happening in our online community.


Leading and Loving Community

2 thoughts on “Leading and Loving Community

  1. Absolutely love this Jody. Thank you for jumping in and starting this group. Thank you for making time in your crazy, busy schedule to connect with other ladies, because I know as much as you are being blessed, they are as well. And thank you for leading well and bonding so tightly with your gals. Thanks!

  2. LOVE this. Our group has quickly become such an incredible encouragement, which is truly the Lord’s blessing to each of us! I love how much unity & genuine care He’s enabled us to have for each other so quickly! Makes my heart very, very happy!

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