Last night was New Years Eve and I know I should have some profound post for you about 2011 in review or 2012 unfolding.

Some new piece of advice or resolution…but I don’t.

I could make one up.

But instead I thought I would share with you this reminder I got at NYE with my friends.

It had been a full day, following a full week of vaca.

Crowds, pee breaks, coming up with a plan, then we went into this theater to watch some improv and we stayed after for a concert.

I wasn’t really paying attention really. I was distracted by a thought.

and then it hit me —- and by hit I mean the sound of their lyrics collided with my brain and heart pulling everything to a halt.

“Come to me, you tired and heavy-laden
Come to me with all your weariness
Here with me is where you’ll find your haven
And I will give you rest”

So thankful that the Lord knows me. That He knows how quickly I can become too busy, too clouded, too distracted from His heart. He gets that tension between working hard towards a goal, even a goal for Him and taking time to rest and enjoy the life He has made for me.

Reminded. Before I could even look ahead to a new year. Reminded.



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