We are teaching on Esther for midweek tomorrow.

She’s kicking my butt.

Esther had favor with people. She had wise counsel in her life. She was brave, courageous and strong. She was bold before the king. She was smart in her approach. She trusted in the Lord. She counted her cost. She was honoring to her people.

I’m sure she was scared. I know Esther wasn’t perfect. But Esther had an opportunity, put her faith and trust in the Lord and went for it.

How many opportunities have I forfeited because my trust was in my own power not God’s?

I’m determined to not be perfect, but to be better. To daily practice Esther moments of seizing opportunity, noticing where God has me and having a faith in Him that expects big things.

And if in the process I learn how to do my hair and wear stylish clothes…well it wouldn’t be terrible to reflect Esther in that way either 🙂


Expect big things today friends. Faith. Favor. Trust. Obedience.


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