This week when my brother emailed us I got 2 emails.

I love getting 2 emails because it means there is something he wants to share with me. It’s like getting picked first at dodgeball.

This week – a funny moment. A little glimpse as something that’s on his mind.

We back and forth joked about the matter – knowing the whole time that both of us were probably more serious than we ever wanted the other to know.

I am thankful for the moment, both past, current and future that I have with my Bub. Excited for the moments that will bring clarity, healing and joy in the future.


And today I get to have some special moments with my sister. Driving home, snow or shine today to spend the evening with and that sweet bundle she gave life to. Moments of Sonic Runs, Big Bang Theory, laughing and snuggles.


Blessed that I truly love time with my family.


Cherish the moments you have this week.


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Deb says:

    “getting picked first to play dodge ball” and with your Bubba, that might be a more accurate statement than you intended…you never know if he’s pulling you in so he can blast you with the ball or if you are playing on the same side…either way it is his way of loving you and for thank, you can cherish the moment!!

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