Monday Musings

* It’s true that a bath with candlelight is way more relaxing than a normal bath

*Working out with a friend who has the same goals is more motivating than working out alone or with someone who is on a different track

*Time spent with the Lord is truly the best time I can invest in my day. The more I understand and learn this – the more I continue to see it be true in my life

*Working with people you can call friends is a joy too many people will never experience

*I’ve been trying to study John from the Bible lately – but I am way more intrigued by Peter at the moment.

*One of the highlights of working with students is watching their spiritual journey unfold – seeing them grow in understanding of God’s love and plan for them, watching them lead and serve, seeing them make a difference

*One of the struggles of working with students is watching all the traps that they run into, run around, get snatched up by, tempted by, slowed down by along their journey. Finding the balance between love and coaching while letting them experience things on their own.

*I’m discovering that my spiritual disciplines and physical disciples are more connected than I ever knew.

What are you Monday Musings?

Monday Musings

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