Monday Musings

Sometimes I have to literally take time and make a list of the awesome things around me. Too often it’s easy to get caught up with students who are struggling, who are making bad decisions, who are hurt that we miss the wins happening.

So here are some Monday Musings/Wins

  • Middle School students doing their devo time together so they have accountability
  • High School students making really hard choice and trusting God to show up
  • 2 new leaders checking out services
  • Pickles at our event
  • A Middle School student learning what it means to lead others in worship
  • Leaders stepping into a larger role – because they want to
  • Students feeling like connect groups are a safe place to share their hurts and fears

Sometimes when life gets crazy. When due dates and books and meetings and bumps seem to overwhelm and be all that you see – take a break, make a list, acknowledge the wins.

Because there are wins. God is present. He is big. And He is winning.


Monday Musings

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