Thank you for ______’s Birfing Day and ______’s Birfing Day and…..

When I was little I loved to pray before dinner. Each prayer was about the same…in my adorable little Jody voice that drug 2 syllable words out for an extra 8 count.

“Dear Jesus. Thank you for Mommy’s Birfday and Daddy’s Birfday and Dana’s Birfday. And Thank yououououou for Rossy’s birfday and Papaw’s birfday and Memee’s birfday. And thank youuuuu for Shana’s birfday and Granddad’s birfday and my birfday and ……..” (it would go on and on and on)

My sweet family probably hated the days I prayed because their dinner would be cold before it came time to chow down. But I’m so thankful that from an early age my parents allowed me the time to pray and converse with God. They didn’t make me memorize a prayer (not that those are bad) they didn’t make me stop thanking God for people’s birthdays and they didn’t take my praying privileges away.

What a sweet lesson my parents taught me then that I didn’t actually learn until later – prayer and discussion with God is a conversation of my day, my thoughts, my heart.

Today I needed the reminder of this simple lesson. Prayer is allowing God in on my heart. It’s not like it’s a secret to Him but when I pray I invite Him to soak with me in the sadness, to rejoice in the wins and process through the circumstances. And it can be simple, child-like. I can even make my words drag out and have a darling speech impediment – He will not mind. One little bit.

What a beautiful reminder to rest in on the first day of a new year.


Thank you for ______’s Birfing Day and ______’s Birfing Day and…..

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