Heart Breaks, Heart Throbs and Candy

All over facebook today I saw my students posting statuses about how in love with Valentine’s Day they were, what presents they got, etc.

I also saw all their statuses about hating Valentine’s Day, how being single sucks and wishing they weren’t alone.

To be honest  –  both made me sad. Don’t get me wrong I laughed all day, at them, with them, for them. Some of them will look back in 5 years and laugh as well when they read how ridiculous they were. But the reality is that in 5 years some of them will still be mourning heartache on Feb. 14th.

Some of them will still be waiting for a box of chocolates, a rose, a cheap teddy bear from a special boy to tell them they are worthy, that they are loved, that they are wanted. And that’s the part that makes me sad.

How for those students, Valentine’s Day will be a painful reminder that according to the world they are missable while others are celebrated. It will remind them of the time when a boy said he loved her but the next year he was gone. It will remind her of all the girls in her class getting special notes while her box remains empty. It will remind her how while everyone else was showered with roses and daisies their favorite flower, she walked home empty handed. And it makes me heart sad for them that they have given the world and boys so much authority in their lives.

So tomorrow I’ll be there before service laughing with students about their crazy weeks and some will be excited about today while others joke or throw bitter comments around. It gives me a chance to remind them how much God loves them.

Praying that as I throw Tootsie Rolls at them and we discuss purity they would understand their worth. Their worth can be bought or acknowledged with candy, presents, love, time or attention from boys. They more they grasp their relationship with Jesus the more their little hearts will be filled and their love tanks pointed toward F.

As I prep to challenge and remind them of their worth tomorrow I ask that you pray with me for students. Encourage the ones you know, pray for ones in your church and community. May they and you know that no amount of candy hearts can describe God’s love – and clinging to that through heart ache and heart throbs is with more than any gift a guy could bring you.

Heart Breaks, Heart Throbs and Candy

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