“What God has called you to, He has GRACED you to do.” (Seeds Conference opening video)

What God has called you to…….

  • being a mom
  • a teacher
  • a pastor
  • a doctor
  • a student
  • a sister
  • a father
  • a husband a wife
  • a businessman

What God has called you to….

He has graced you to do.


How lovely the reminder that He has not thrown us out on our own. Whatever the pressures and hardships of our calling….He has graced us to do it.

You my friends are not alone in your pains or joys of your calling. And each of you are called to something. Where He has called you, He has gone before you and graced you to do it.

This past week our team spent a few days in Tulsa at Seeds Conference. It was an incredible 3 days of worship, teaching, encouragement and motivation. I am so thankful for my captain who made it possibly for us to go, our team that filled in holes while we were all out of the office, and our INCREDIBLE volunteer team that ran our midweek services so our student staff could take a few days away. Soooo incredible.

The very first night they showed a video with this line in it. I literally think I could have left the conference at that point and still gotten enough to make it worth it…thankfully I didn’t because it just kept getting better and better.

Sometimes though we need reminded that what God has called us to He has also graced us to do.

So friends 🙂 Keep pushing forward. The way is paved for you.



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