Facing Truth

This week we are wrapping up a series with our students on the life of David. You can’t talk about the life of David without talking about his moral slip and rendezvous with another man’s lady, Bathsheba.

David messed up. He wasn’t where he was supposed to be and he slipped. It’s so easy to judge David. It’s so easy to peg him as a cheater, a murderer, someone who abused his power, someone who let his sin get the best of him. But then you read verse 13…..

2 Samuel 12:13 “Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.””

David had to face the truth. And he did with courage and honesty.

God turned a broken marriage, a hurtful, sad slip into something beautiful.

I’m constantly reminded that God works through broken people and situations. He is a master of making broken work again, turning shattered into art, turning hurts into compassions. He is a master of dealing with our hearts.

When David owned up to his sin, without excuse, He switched his perspective from himself to looking at Jesus.

How many moment in my life have I hid my sin, ignored the pleas from friends to do better, and focused on myself instead of looking to Jesus.

David faced the truth. How powerful that could be in our lives.

I’m challenging myself to live life facing truth starting today. No more excuses, no more pretending attitudes are not an indication of deeper heart issues….just facing truth.

Facing Truth

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