Tale of 2 Hearts – A wedding series

Last night we kicked off wedding season. My sweet friends Tyler and Jessica tied the knot last night at a quaint/beautiful outdoor wedding. It was beautiful! As my table and I sat there sipping our drinks out of mason jars one of them mentioned that I should use the month of June to blog about little wedding lessons – seeing as how this is the first of 4 weddings this month (and there is one in July).

So here is our new Monday night series – Tale of 2 Hearts.

Lesson 1 – DANCE

Dances are receptions go one of 2 ways.

Option 1 – awkward middle school dance

Option 2 – awkward club dance meets “their grandparents are here” dance which equals – everyone flail around and try not to be the booty shaking girl.

There are few things I have found in life that are as embarrassing as dancing at a wedding – but yet it’s still one of my favorite parts. I love watching a bride and groom, newly married stepping onto that floor together, embracing the awkward.

No matter what – I love the dancing reception of a wedding. It’s that moment of carefree – live in the MOMENT, flail your arms about part of the night. It’s that part of the night when you know people are watching – but you choose to care less about them and more about having fun. So you flail your arms about like you can’t count, sway your hips like they need replaced and move your feet like you know what you’re doing —- and if you’re really talented you do all 3 at one time.

And I realized last night while watching the groom “break it down now” with his new bride – that I miss a lot of moments worrying about what others think. I miss my chance to live in the moment, embarrass myself, try something new because I can feel the eyes from the sidelines judging my flailing arms and off-beat hips.

So over the next few crazy, jam-packed, no free day weeks I’m going to be intentionally about living in the moment, not sitting there on the sidelines watching but enjoying and recognizing the moments. So if you see my arms flailing – don’t worry, I haven’t lost it, I’m just learning to experience the moment.

Dance like nobody’s watching




out of town friends!

Dancing friends

Tale of 2 Hearts – A wedding series

One thought on “Tale of 2 Hearts – A wedding series

  1. deb says:

    “Everybody put your hands up….” YES!! Now I have permission to sing and dance ANYWHERE – not just with my grandson:):)…oh, the joy of freedom… (heheheheheh)

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