Little “g” gods

I’m hours away from heading to camp with 184 middle school and high schoolers. I love camp. I’m excited for this year and so thankful at how different it is than last. God’s grace is evident in my life. Last year I had some major flops at camp per my own lack of strength and desire for control. This year is completely different (I mean I’m blogging so that has to count for something).

The last month has been a crazy whirlwind in my life and heart. Friends with surgery, church transitions, friends with broken heart, personal growth and struggle. It’s just been an tiring month. But in the midst of all the crazy I have been convicted of a truth.

Our response reveals our g/God.

In the last month I have seen it go both ways for me. 

But it’s so true that our response reveals our g/God. When chaos, life and opportunity are before us we will turn to the world for solace and celebration or we will turn to God and His word. 

Here are snippets of real life convos people around me and I have had this month.

Bad news – “I’m going to the gym” – control over our body has become our god

Bad news – “I bought a 6 pack” – substance has become our god

Bad news – “I want a DP” – food has become our god.

Bad news – “we need to fast and pray” – God remains our God

Bad news – “God’s not stupid keep trusting Him” – God remains our God

Good news – “let’s eat to celebrate” – food

Good news – “Thank you God for providing” – God remains our God

Don’t get me wrong I think there is a BIG difference between coping mechanisms and things becoming idols in our life. And I’m all for coping mechanisms.

But a coping mechanism helps us process things as we walk along a path with God. It doesn’t replace or push down God in our process. 

Sometimes a run or a walk is just what you need to clear your mind while you talk with God and ask Him what’s next.

Remember how I said that I have seen this both ways in my life this past month? I remind you of that so you know I’m really writing to myself. 

Exodus 20:3
“You shall have no other gods before me” 

Ouchhhhhhh. Camp always brings with it ample opportunity to practice responding in the correct way. So that is my prayer for myself personally this week that each day when an opportunity comes my way that I will respond by putting my hope and focus in God and not in what my flesh would turn to.

Little “g” gods

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